High & low volume repetition manufacturing
High production turning & milling facilities
Surface grinding
Thread milling
Cylindrical grinding

General Engineering

Reverse engineering of components
Shafts, couplings & keyways
Precision components
Gauges, pins & bushes
Flanges, tie bars & end caps
Check rings
Shut-off nozzles & cutting blades


High precision multi-cavity moulds
Computer Aided Design (CAD) of dies, parts & products
Repairs & maintenance of injection mould tools
Press tools
Vacuum forming
Extrusion toolmaking
Compression moulds
Die casting
EDM/wire cutting


Die design and manufacturing
Manufacturing of plastic products
Die repair and maintenance
Variants of plating – nickel, chrome, anodizing and black oxidising
Polishing/grinding of parts

CNC Lathes

Miyano- 9 Axis turning centres. Swing 300 x1000mm between centres.
Bar feeder 65mm x 4000mm.

Ikegai- 3 Axis turning & milling, Swing 400x800mm between centres.
Bar feeder 65mm x 3200mm

Citizen- 15 Axis, A32 sliding head 32 bar, (collet) machine.

Machining Centres

A variety of machining centres service the following dimensional capabilities:
X2000 x Y1000 x Z1200mm
X1000 x Y520 x Z500mm x2
X1000 x Y520 x Z700mm x3
X1200 x Y800 x Z600mm (5 micron accuracy)


A variety of conventional mills with the following dimensional capabilities:
X1200 x Y350 x Z600mm
X1200 x Y300 x Z400mm
X2000 x Y900 x Z800mm
X850 x Y300 x Z700mm

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

EDMS serving the following dimensional capabilities:
X1200 x Y700 x Z700mm
X900 x Y550 x Z500mm


Bedding off press

X800 x Y900 x Z900mm


Proth Surface Grinder- (X800 x Y420 x Z375mm)
Cincinnati Cylindrical Grinder- (X320 x Y700 Swing)
Ajax Surface Grinder- (X1600 x Y650 x Z550mm)
Jones Shipman- (X400 x Y200 x Z300mm)


Lathe Swing
680mm, 3000mm between centres
350mm, 700mm between centres

Lifting Capacity / Transport

Demag 5 tonne crane x2
Forklift 1.5 tonne
Ford F150 Truck 1.5 tonne